Online Kpop Dance Class

Online Kpop Dance class tutorial – AESPA

livestream online KPOP dance class on Youtube! I will be teaching one of the 2 aespa songs: Armageddon or Supernova.

–Watch the Live Class on Youtube —

These online classes are slower paced and perfect for beginners or novice who want to improve their kpop dancing or for intermediate dancers to keep up with the newest dances. Make sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified when I go live!

✨ This dance class is free/donation based. I appreciate support in the form of Superchat messages or Tips to my Ko-fi:

 🌺Class Activities: Introduction, Warm Up, Dance Tutorial, Waterbreak, Review, Talk & Goodbyes

🌺Other Important Details! Please Read! – Due to copyrights, we wont be able to practice with music. I will be teaching the best I can with counts (and bad singing) and I recommend everyone practice with music during the breaks or after the class!

I also make dance tutorial videos in general. I teach KPOP, JPOP, and global girl group choreography with an explanation, slow counts, and slow music.

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